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You don’t have to live in the city or the country to have a rewarding career in agriculture

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Although I have grown up on my family’s beef cattle farm in Southern NSW, over the past 10 years I have established a very rewarding career path in agriculture, which has taken me to many parts of the state, country and the world.

My first job, upon leaving university was for the industry body of Meat and Livestock Australia, where I was based in North Sydney. For a country girl this was a fantastic place to launch a career in agriculture away from the farm. I learn't to work with many other people in a very busy corporate environment, what I also really learnt was that agriculture is really not just about what happens on the farm.

As we know many of our agricultural commodities are extremely important to the Australian economy. In many areas, we in Australian lead the world in developments and progress with agriculture and to do this we rely on a number of people with a variety of skill sets, based both in the country and in the city.

Since my time in Sydney, my career has seen me work on farm, for NSW government, as a trainer at TAFE and now more recently in a capacity of my own business AJM Livestock Solutions

The key messages which I would like to share are:

  1. Agriculture is not just about being a farmer……. It is so much more, and we need young people with a range of skills.
  2. You can play a big role in any of Australia’s agricultural industries, while either living in the city or in the country.
  3. Agriculture is one of the most progressive and exciting industries to be a part of, we are all about feeding the world.
  4. That agriculture is full of wonderful people and wonderful opportunities.

So in summary, there are many facets to Australian agriculture and we need to make sure that today’s young people are aware of these opportunities and that the perception of ‘agriculture is about being a farmer’, is changed to reflect the broad scope of agriculture in Australia.

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