Business Consultation

AJM Livestock Solutions can offer consultancy services to help you with:

  • Your herd selection and assessment

We can assist you in assessing your herd of cattle for structural and production efficiency, we provide independent advice on your herd structure, and help you tailor a program to meet the needs of your markets.

  • Selecting the right data management system and associated equipment for your operation.

We have a very good understanding about what systems and equipment is available, and we also appreciate that every beef operation is different and it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to record keeping, so we can take the time to understand your needs and match and tailor a system accordingly – we also make sure that you are comfortable with using it, and can help with training to do this.

  • EU Market accreditation application

We all know that in today’s competitive market place, we really need to be proactive in ensuring that we have the right product for the right market, which is going to give us the right price at the end of the day. We are hearing more and more about the opportunity for Australian beef to the EU market – so don’t file this opportunity in the ‘too hard basket’ we can help you get your NLIS database up to speed, complete and take you through the application process and then help ensure that your status is maintained and that you are heaping rewards of this market.