Short Course Delivery

Currently with the aid of some funding grants we offer a series of courses and training days which we have titled ‘Beef Breeding Basixs’ with groups in your region of about 15 people we can tailor training to meet your needs. Some of the topics include:

  • Structural assessment - selection and culling practices to meet your market needs and specifications, what is the impact of good selection on your bottom line and putting this into practice.
  • Understanding EBV’s & developing and implementing a breeding strategy – Cattle selection, interpreting breeding values, do breeding values work? The selection process and best practice guide to bull selection
  • Confident livestock marketing –  This short course was developed by MLA and will help you read and understand market reports, how to use this information more effectively in your decision making, and how to better meet the specifications of your market – consistently!!

Seeking Expressions of Interest-  Confident Livestock Marketing (cattle)
Upgrade your marketing skills – without leaving home! 
In this course we will be covering:

  • Setting marketing direction for your business
  • Do you know what your market wants – knowing your market specifications
  • Knowing where to obtain and how to better use market information
  •  How to better meet your market specifications on time and all of the time
  • What are the new marketing opportunities in the cattle industry and how to get involved

During the course – we will also introduce you to a number of tools and calculators which will help you establish and hold that leading edge in your cattle marketing. 

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