“The best part about my job, is seeing my clients and their business evolve and flourish while knowing that I may have had a small role to play in their success.” Alison Hamilton

Let’s face it, we all spend a heck of lot of our time at work, so it’s important that we love what we do. An agricultural university student  recently asked me ”What is the best part about your job?” To my surprise I really had to stop and think about my answer because there are lots of things I love about my job, but identifying the ‘best’ was a little more tricky.                                  

In reflecting on the past few years where I have consulted with many producers in our industry, I felt humbled in realizing that the answer to this question was actually pretty simple. It’s the ‘people’ that I get to work with and the best part of that is having the opportunity to see my clients evolve their beef businesses and achieve their goals.

So from time to time I would like to share some of their stories with you. This month I am profiling Jacqui and Jess Impey from Crookwell.  Last year Jacqui and Jess participated in one of my Beef Breeding Basixs workshop series, and here is a bit about them and their beef business.

AJM Livestock Solutions Client Profile:

Beef Producers

Jacqui and Jess Impey (Jess is Jacqui’s daughter)


Crookwell, which is in the NSW Southern Tablelands.

About the beef operation

Jacqui & Jess are both involved with Simmental cattle. Jess with her sister Jen own Lucky Clover Simmental stud while Jacqui and her husband Jason own Mala-Daki Simmental stud. Together as a family they run stud and commercial Simmental cattle consisting of traditional and also red and black Simmentals and more recently have introduced SimAngus. In total they are running about 100 breeders at Iron Mine Road and on 400 acres of leased land in the local area. The Impey family are primarily breeding bulls for the commercial and Stud market with some weaner and female sales, and they are committed to producing moderately framed, structurally correct cattle with ideal temperament and carcase traits.

Mala-Daki was established in the early 1990s and Lucky Clover was started 10 years ago when Jess was just 8 years old. Mala-Daki Simmentals started from a shared interest Jacqui and Jason had for Simmentals, introduced to them by a Swiss friend. Jacqui grew up on an Apple Orchard in Oakdale which also ran a small commercial Hereford and Hereford cross herd. Lucky Clover Simmentals evolved from Jess and Jen growing up and working on the family farm and ‘acquiring’ their own calves and cows (usually from favourite Mala-Daki cows). They joined the Simmental Association as Junior members and decided to start their own Stud. Both Studs are active on the local Show circuit and Sydney Show promoting Simmentals and the cattle industry.

Why did you sign up for the Beef Breeding Basixs course?

Jess – ‘I was completing my HSC and thought the 3 parts of the course fitted nicely into my interest in beef cattle and it was an opportunity to learn and improve some beef industry skills’.

Jacqui – ‘I saw it as a chance to update my skills and information base for the beef industry’.

What did you want to achieve through the Beef Breeding Basixs course?

Both Jacqui and Jess said ‘I wanted to develop more confidence in animal selection and also wanted to gain a better understanding of the potential which tools such as Breedplan and EBV’s can bring to breeding and marketing our cattle’.

What skills / knowledge have you taken away from the course?

‘We feel better prepared in identifying and selecting bulls and females and we learned how to read and understand market reports and we both now have a better understanding of the value in using EBVs and Breedplan for selection and marketing’.

 As a result of the course what changes are you making on farm?

‘We are using the livestock marketing skills and tools to improve marketing of our cattle in the short and long term, we know more about what we want to get out of our cattle enterprise. We have also continued to submit heard management data into Breedplan; but now with a better understanding of what this means to us and also to clients who come to purchase our cattle’.

What impact are these changes having on your operation?

‘We have seen benefits in being able to better market our stock at the right time which has given us healthier returns. We have also valued having full EBV data available on all livestock which enables us to meet the demands of buyers who request specific traits and data. As a result, we are improving our output and productivity’.

What do you want your beef enterprise to look like in the next 5 to 10 years?

The Impey family are aiming to increase their number of breeders, focussing on ensuring that they are structurally correct and sound. They are aiming to produce a consistent line of bulls that are a guarantee of quality to the beef industry.

The Impey family – Jen, Jacqui, Jason & Jess.
The Impey family – Jen, Jacqui, Jason & Jess.