Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – I understand that all businesses operate differently; and I can help tailor a system that will work for you.

No – this won’t be a problem – I can work with you until you are comfortable with the functions you want to perform – we can keep it simple!

Yes – you can do it yourself – but do you want peace of mind that you have everything covered? That’s where I can help!

No; but I help you create systems that you are comfortable with and I support you until you are comfortable to take this on yourself.

No; I help you look at your current situation and learn about what you want your electronic recording system to do and be – and then I help set this up and train you in use; again I support you until you are comfortable to do this yourself.

Yes; I can work through the LPA audit checklist with you; and can ensure you have the right records (if available) that your auditor will want to see.

Yes; I can help you reconcile your NLIS database account and complete the application for EU market accreditation.

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