‘My animal records are all over the place, my office is a disaster and I just don’t have time to get on top of it’ can you relate?

We have been there done that… but also fixed it! The hardest part is making the commitment to change your ways. This is where we can help guide you through and support you until the new way is the only way. You will have wished you made the change long ago.

With the extra time that we are currently all spending at home, there is really no better time to tackle the office. The Ag Technology space is also one that is currently booming, there really are some amazing products out there that can help you get those records in order and the office under control.

Clients often come to us in a state of confusion, knowing which systems or products (commercial or your own developed systems) to choose can be daunting at which point the whole idea is often placed back in the ‘too hard basket’. We totally get that every business and farming operation is different and it is not a ‘one size fits all’ to this issue. By working backwards, knowing what you want your system to do for you, what records are important to you and how you operate, you will be better positioned to tailor make a system that will work for you and which you will want to work with.

The flow on benefits that you will enjoy when your animal records and office are under control will surprise you. Here are some examples from clients who have made the switch:

Scenario 1 – I’ve been called up for an LPA audit.

Response 1– Prior to efficient record keeping ‘No…. help… where do I start to get things in order = panic

Response 2 – Now with an efficient system ‘No problems come tomorrow, I am ready’.

Scenario 2 – My agent can get me a good price for my weaners and has a truck ready for tomorrow but I have to take the lightest 5 out. I weighed them last week.

Response 1 – Prior to efficient record keeping – ‘Where are those weights? That’s right my notebook went through the wash, I will have to get them in and weigh them all over again, not enough hours in the day’

Response 2 – Now with an efficient record keeping system ‘No problem we will run them in and past the NLIS reader to draft off the light ones, will be ready to truck in the morning’.

Which response would you rather be giving?

Food for thought.

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