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Want to tidy up your NLIS database account? Read on…

  Are you daunted just a little by the NLIS database, all those numbers… what if I press the wrong button, what are all the acronyms? Don’t fear, you are not alone; I have been fielding a few enquiries of this nature lately, so thought I would address some of the myths and concerns. First […]

How to get on top of your animal records when you have ZERO time

‘My animal records are all over the place, my office is a disaster and I just don’t have time to get on top of it’ can you relate? We have been there done that… but also fixed it! The hardest part is making the commitment to change your ways. This is where we can help […]

Are you a ‘Price Taker or a ‘Price Maker’?

As farmers, how many times have you sent your cattle to market, with your fingers crossed hoping that you receive a good price at the end of the day?  With many of the commodities we sell as farmers – we are often in the situation of being ‘price takers’, meaning that we accept and take […]

Getting Bang For Your Buck Out Of NLIS

Recently I have had the chance to speak at a couple of field days in both Temora and Holbrook on the topic of electronic data capture and record keeping in a beef cattle operation. This is a topic I am very passionate about; having been heavily involved in the introductory days of the cattle National […]

The role of the youth heifer show – and what this means to young people who are keen on the beef industry!

Recently I had the great pleasure of judging the heifers at the Herefords Australia National Youth Heifer Show; held in Melbourne – what an honour – but more importantly what a fabulous event! I remember attending and being part of heifer shows and junior judging and parading competitions during my childhood; but its only now […]

Introducing you to another AJM Livestock Solutions client

I hope that you enjoy this little insight into another one of our clients beef operations.  AJM Livestock Solutions Client Profile  BEEF PRODUCER Daniel Fitzell LOCATION “Flowerburn” Peelwood NSW north of Crookwell, in the NSW Southern Tablelands.  ABOUT THE BEEF OPERATION I run a commercial self-replacing shorthorn herd of 150 EU breading cows and their […]

Do you do what you love?

“The best part about my job, is seeing my clients and their business evolve and flourish while knowing that I may have had a small role to play in their success.” Alison Hamilton Let’s face it, we all spend a heck of lot of our time at work, so it’s important that we love what […]

This inspired me. What inspires you?

Have you ever thought about what it means to be an active citizen? Do you share your perspective with decision makers within your industry or are you actively involved in your community creating change for a better future?  Just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the national presentation of the RIRDC […]

Aussie Beef In Japan – My Trip As An MLA Producer Delegate

Did you know that approximately 75% of all of the beef we produce in Australia, in some way will be destined for an export market? One of our key export destinations is Japan, and annually they take between 20% and 30% of our export product annually, so our relationship with this market is vital. Back […]

Casino Beef Week – ‘there should be more weeks around the country like this!’

This week I had the great pleasure of joining Cattle Council of Australia, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and NSW Farmers Association, as the facilitator of an industry forum in Casino as part of Casino Beef Week http://www.casinobeefweek.com.au. I love the concept of Casino Beef Week, a whole week, where people from right across the […]